change of seasons

i can hardly believe it's november 2! these past couple of weeks have been beautiful...those days where you wear a sweater in the morning and evening and shed it during the warm, sunny afternoons! as i write this a cold front is moving into town, bringing with it wind and much-needed rain. i can't complain and am happy to have the rain after what has been a season of serious drought. as the fall settles in i've been busy finishing up some outdoor projects and beginning some indoor ones for winter. i've pulled out the knitting from a basket where it has been sitting since may! ;)  the christmas presents are getting organized ...will be time to wrap soon. but...i don't want to get too far ahead of myself.  let me share what i've been working on this week. i'm excited that these collages are completed and ready for making prints and cards! more on the outdoor projects in a day or two! :) 

detail of 'sing your hear out'


detail of 'april' and the vintage sheet music and handmade tissue paper roses

it's all about opening doors!


for the love of paper!

i love papers of all kinds! i've accumulated quite a collection of japanese washi paper. it's flexibility, durability and brilliant colors make it a favorite! vintage books, recipes, postcards, notecards, blueprints, labels, packaging...the list goes on and on!!!  what are some of your favorite papers???
this weekend i completed a project out of last week's newspapers and a garage sale frame. this was my test model but i'm so delighted with how it turned out. i already have plans in mind for making more paper roses for lots of other projects.what projects do you do that utilize recycled papers?!?!

finished paper rose frame!

laying it all out...


fabulous fall!

are you feeling energized? have you felt a change in the wind? notice the daylight hours growing shorter minute by minute? fall is my favorite season, my favorite time of the year. for those that have endured an unusually hot summer (and the disappointment of this year's garden!) this is a time of renewal. flora + fauna that knows no better is once again reaching for the sky! a little sunshine and a little rain go a long way.  for me, it is time to unpack the sweaters, pick up the knitting i have left in a basket since may!  time to bake my favorite pumpkin bread and add savory soups to the menu.  the air smells new and fresh and i find it restorative and rejuvenating! 
with all of this energy my project list is growing by leaps and bounds! i keep photos or project ideas in a spiral book, with room for notations or changes.  these are just a few of things i'm working on now. i'll be posting more on monday! and maybe a pumpkin bread picture or two ;)  happy weekend!

coffee table in the works!

and matching end tables ;)

an estate sale trunk i picked up last week! oh what fun!!!

window pane repurposed as a collage/memo board, may add a place for keys too!

lovely collage picture frame for vintage or new photos!


irons in the fire....!

well, nothing literal about that! i don't own anything that must be ironed ;) way too many other things to do! speaking of....a little rundown of what i've been up to recently:
-- i just finished a fabulous e-course by kelly rae roberts on art marketing. it has been a fabulous time and i've made so many new friends throughout the course. we've developed such a support group and network base...it's such an encouragement!
--i've been doing some trash-to-treasure redos in the studio. pix to follow! all of these items were either gathered from the trash or garage sales in town. we have been having a ball coming up with exciting upcycling ideas! 
--building the bokieART website, photographing, scavenging...organizing...making big messes!  and....
--!!! the most exciting news of all:  watch soon for an introduction to my new business partners and an announcement about our new company! the fabulous energy we share, the supportive partners we have, everything has worked together for us to begin this new venture! these are two of the most wonderful women i know and love and it is an honor + joy to be building something so creative and beautiful with them. they are brave, beautiful and overflowing with talent! shortly, a new blog (in addition to this one!) will be up and running. i'll be posting details soon!
--sneak preview of our new business tags being printed TODAY! :D

found this mirror for $5 (paid $4!) at a garage sale last weekend! started out white ;)

after a cleaning i used old book pages to collage entire frame...

stenciling around inner edge and outside of frame was the finishing touch!


back to school

it is back to school time and hopefully there's some fall weather in store before long! i'm excited to tell you about the online course i'm taking from artist/teacher kelly rae roberts. i've enjoyed kelly's art for a couple of years now so i was super excited to find her offering a course on marketing, publishing, printing and more! having said this i'm staying busy as a bee dividing my time between work + painting + studying + blogging ;) and all the other day to day activities! this is a wonderful busy as i'm learning lots of new ideas and techniques and really finding myself inspired! a good dose of inspiration is a wonderful thing every so often and can be found in a class or a favorite magazine, while taking a walk or listening to music! what inspires YOU? i dropped in to say hi and post a few pix of things i'm currently working on. i'll be back very soon to tell you about my fall art journaling class i'll be teaching locally and about a dear friend of mine who INSPIRES me :) ciao!
'brave girl' 16x20 collage on canvas

'imagine' 10x12 collage on canvas

my window of inspiration...new studio wall art :)

more inspiring words :)


diving in!

i've just shared my blog with my flying lessons 2011 class!!! up to now the only people who've seen my blog are my SO, my sister and one friend (who found it all on her own!)  i didn't want to share it with anyone until it was all lovely and perfect...posts, photographs, sidebars and secret buttons! i'm past that now and am taking a leap! yesterday i imported my very first badges...and created a few of my own....any favorites? :)


more "in progress"

these are smaller canvas/collage works that allow me to explore a completely different direction than the large abstract canvases.

in progress...

do you ever put off sharing something because it's 'in progress', not a completed work? it's kind of like not missing the journey by focusing on the destination. so...here i am to share some works "in progress". they aren't 'finished'..and believe me, they may not resemble what they are now when they are completed. i'm known for layers and layers and layers.... but can't miss enjoying the process.


my oldest son is here to visit for a couple of weeks...needless to say i'm enjoying every minute...and have to share a bit about our time last night. first i must say, he has a passion for music...a true passion. he is mostly self-taught, which i consider to be an advantage at this point. the lyrics he has written are full of truths, fears, dreams and beauty. (can you tell i'm his MOM? lol)  he wants this dream...he wants this to be his reality. he is committing time, practicing and even stepping out on a limb now and then. he has played and sang at 'open calls', in FRONT of people. i never thought i'd see him conquer that fear. passion will do that to you. passion will allow you to confront your fears, to climb over mountains, to knock on door after door after door....because you know what is IN you, what you are capable of...what can really happen IF YOU DARE. so i find myself encouraging him last night ...almost to the point of nagging...because i so want him to believe in himself. fact is, he does.what _I_ am learning is that i need to practice encouraging and nurturing MY dreams and inspirations like i do those of not only my sons, but every other person i know! why not listen to my own doubts and fears and come back with wise and wonderful words to build up my creative spirit. i believe self-love and self-confidence is something many artists have difficulty practicing. i'm glad that i see it...and i'm committing myself to being an encourager to self :)
magic fingers ;)

all smiles


exquisite inspiration...

if you've never seen any work by olaf hajek here a few pictures to whet your appetite. he is one of my most favorite artists ever! he possesses that ability to speak in images as well as color and to create works that speak to people the world over. for more visit his website olafhajek.com



i adore color....it is music to my eyes.....here is a fun place i found to explore color on a different level.... check it out here on wikipedia: list of colors 
a little preview...having picked some of my favorites,of course!

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