irons in the fire....!

well, nothing literal about that! i don't own anything that must be ironed ;) way too many other things to do! speaking of....a little rundown of what i've been up to recently:
-- i just finished a fabulous e-course by kelly rae roberts on art marketing. it has been a fabulous time and i've made so many new friends throughout the course. we've developed such a support group and network base...it's such an encouragement!
--i've been doing some trash-to-treasure redos in the studio. pix to follow! all of these items were either gathered from the trash or garage sales in town. we have been having a ball coming up with exciting upcycling ideas! 
--building the bokieART website, photographing, scavenging...organizing...making big messes!  and....
--!!! the most exciting news of all:  watch soon for an introduction to my new business partners and an announcement about our new company! the fabulous energy we share, the supportive partners we have, everything has worked together for us to begin this new venture! these are two of the most wonderful women i know and love and it is an honor + joy to be building something so creative and beautiful with them. they are brave, beautiful and overflowing with talent! shortly, a new blog (in addition to this one!) will be up and running. i'll be posting details soon!
--sneak preview of our new business tags being printed TODAY! :D

found this mirror for $5 (paid $4!) at a garage sale last weekend! started out white ;)

after a cleaning i used old book pages to collage entire frame...

stenciling around inner edge and outside of frame was the finishing touch!


  1. Congratulations Janet!!! Love your new items!!! Can't wait to find out more about your new business! Love your work!!

    Kris Lanae Binsfeld

  2. So cool what you did with the mirror! Looks so great;)



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