my oldest son is here to visit for a couple of weeks...needless to say i'm enjoying every minute...and have to share a bit about our time last night. first i must say, he has a passion for music...a true passion. he is mostly self-taught, which i consider to be an advantage at this point. the lyrics he has written are full of truths, fears, dreams and beauty. (can you tell i'm his MOM? lol)  he wants this dream...he wants this to be his reality. he is committing time, practicing and even stepping out on a limb now and then. he has played and sang at 'open calls', in FRONT of people. i never thought i'd see him conquer that fear. passion will do that to you. passion will allow you to confront your fears, to climb over mountains, to knock on door after door after door....because you know what is IN you, what you are capable of...what can really happen IF YOU DARE. so i find myself encouraging him last night ...almost to the point of nagging...because i so want him to believe in himself. fact is, he does.what _I_ am learning is that i need to practice encouraging and nurturing MY dreams and inspirations like i do those of not only my sons, but every other person i know! why not listen to my own doubts and fears and come back with wise and wonderful words to build up my creative spirit. i believe self-love and self-confidence is something many artists have difficulty practicing. i'm glad that i see it...and i'm committing myself to being an encourager to self :)
magic fingers ;)

all smiles

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