true blue

life is all about learning. some of us are slow learners. but i believe in the old adage "better late than never". i've reached a place in my life where i am realizing who i've been, who i am....where i've been and where i want to go.  i've been thinking that if i were ever to spend one day loving myself and encouraging myself as much as i do that for anyone else (yes, even those people who talk to me in the checkout lane at the market!) what a wonderful place that would be.  i've always been so busy people pleasing, placating and fixing everyone else that i've never taken care of myself. focusing on pleasing other people and trying to be someone else robs a person of their very essence. when i feel the NEED to create there is no one else in this world that feels it the same as i do, nor who would create the same thing i do. i believe that need to create, those voices in my head that urge me on...should be embraced and encouraged! i'm happy to say that i've set some goals for myself...what better method of accountability than a BLOG! 

-laugh more and out loud!
-create something every day
-embrace mistakes
-let others find their own solutions and fix their own problems
-do something nice for myself each day
-stop being self-critical
-take care of myself and accept myself as i am
-practice self-respect
-say what i mean and mean what i say
-let go of the past, embrace the future
-make a 'wall' on encouragement in my studio just for me 

i'll come back to these and see how i'm doing. it's difficult, but hardly impossible to get rid of old habits and replace them with new ones. 21 days is what they say! ;) 

and....a couple of wonderful books to share! 

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