spring chicken

most important news of the day is that 'brownie' is evidently approaching adolescence as we heard the first 'cock-a-doodle-doo' this morning!!! it wasn't a full blown crow but it was enough to confirm out gender suspicions. exciting stuff these fine feathered friends...:>

i'm loving the spring...we had a long hard winter for this part of the country and i'm delighted that flip flop season is here!  spending time outside (sans shivers), gardening, walking, taking photographs and all the art projects that require outside work are getting done now! the first window frame was completed this weekend. now to photograph and then list. i have so many ideas for more ...can't wait to get started. i also picked up an old chair from someone's trash pile the other evening and have exciting plans for that!!! pix soon!
our 2 newest additions staying warm under the lamp

a rush to get out the door in the morning!!!

who rules the roost?!?!?!

this one survived the winter and is blooming beautifully!

from our walk last night...fabulous colors + textures. makes a great desktop! ;)

spectacular tree bark

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